Luo Tianyi Emoji Stickers Are Now Available on WeChat !

One thing for sure about emoji stickers is that they make conversations cuter than they are supposed to be. Now, Luo Tianyi emoji stickers are available on WeChat! Vsinger announced that Luo Tianyi’s emoji stickers will be available on WeChat’s sticker store on the 21st of May.

The title for the stickers is “Vsinger Luo Tianyi Series”, and we assume other Vsinger VOCALOIDs will be joining as well if Tianyi’s stickers receive a good responses from the fans. Mr. V mentioned the rate of downloads will also determine the resources she gets from the company to promote her in WeChat, so do not hesitate to download the stickers. Your little actions could mean more for Tianyi — for all WeChat users!

From what we know, Luo Tianyi stickers will receive more content in the future and this will be a long term event. Fans are encouraged to give comments and suggestions for more themes or emoticons on Vsinger’s official Weibo.


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