IA and Exit Tunes at Fan Expo Dallas

VOCALOID fans going to Fan Expo Dallas (or any VOCALOID fan in Dallas wanting a bit more of a VOCALOID high after the recent Miku Expo) can look forward to some special appearances during the con! A screening of IA’s first live concert in Japan will be shown, and Exit Tunes will host a dance party with DJ Ryu☆ and DJ Kors K ft. kradness. Exit Tunes will also be hosting a panel with the two DJs where they’ll talk about their work as well as the Tokyo music scene. (We cannot guarantee VOCALOID tracks will be played or talked about at the Exit Tunes events, but we also can’t say they wont!)

Party a Go Go

IA’s concert screening is making its way to Dallas, Texas, for the con. We recently covered a teaser trailer for the concert, and this marks the third concert screening announcement this week! IA is definitely getting around.

Remember that where the concert screening goes, merch often follows. So get your wallets ready as well. The concert will be free for all Fan Expo Dallas attendees and will take place on Saturday, June 4th, from 7 PM to 8 PM. The location has yet to be announced.

Exit Tunes Dance Party with DJ Ryu☆ and DJ KorsK ft. kradness

“Join us Saturday @ 8pm for Exit Tunes Dance Party in the Ballroom D of the DCC. Hosted by DJ Ryu*, DJ KorsK ft Kradness! The hottest EDM straight from Japan! $10 in advance only!” – Event Description

Con-goers can purchase tickets here, and the event is for all ages.

Exit Tunes EDM from Japan!

“Meet international deejays DJ Kors K(Kosuke Saito) and DJ Ryu☆ (Ryutaro Nakahara) at a panel about their work on the Beatmania series and the Tokyo music scene!” – Event Description

Fans interested in attending can purchase one day passes or weekend passes over at Fan Expo’s website.

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