Miku Expo Concert and Short Film Festival Recap

Miku Expo Concert


There are many people who have talked about the Miku Expo concert, and I am sure you have all seen plenty of images and videos of it already. Therefore, I will keep this one short and just talk about it briefly. The concert opened with ANAMANAGUCHI, and I also found it great that they were able to play the encore songs as well. You can find the full setlist here. (Spoiler!)


VIP ticket holders received a watch, a small bag, and a sticker.

The one thing I noticed about the merchandise was that, compared to the last expo, the t-shirt had a thinner material than the previous Miku Expo t-shirt back in 2014. The material in this one is much thinner and quite see-through. That being said though, the merchandise on offer was quite nice. Below are some of the stuff I purchased.

I have gone to the last Miku Expo in New York back in 2014 and the setlist was quite different from this Expo. I did however enjoy this one more than the one in New York, although they were both great. You can find more information on the previous  Miku Expo here.

Short Film Festival


This event was a collaboration between Navito World and Good Smile Company. Of course, with Crypton Future Media as well.

The short film festival consisted of a screening at the Jackson Hall in Toronto. The film featured an intro consisting of several cosplayers followed by a few songs and PVs featuring Miku singing. These were quite unique PVs, not exactly your typical PV, however they were well-done and unique. We then had a section of film that talked about “Who is Hatsune Miku”. In this section, it featured several people talking about what/who they think Hatsune Miku is, what she represents,  how she is an icon, and more! The last section was a short documentary on the group #Ultramiku, following their tour across North America for the Miku Expo in 2014. This was a short recap of their five day trip from Los Angeles to New York.

A few Dolfie Dream Miku’s were on display.

Q&A with Hiroyuki Itoh


Q: Why does Miku’s V4X have no clothing?
A: There is no particular reason for this. However, this is meant to represent Miku being born anew.

Q: Any plans to upgrade MEIKO and KAITO to V4?
A: Although they are unsure of what the upgrades will consist of, they do plan to upgrade them in the future.

Q: What happened to Project if and will it ever be resumed? (This was a project started in 2009. You can read more about it here.)
A: Project if was put on hold in order to focus on other projects. They hope to resume it sometime in the future.

Q: Any plans to have a tour in Europe?
A: They would like to have a tour in Europe, however they are unsure as to when. making the North American tour happen was a challenge in itself. They would like it to be another challenge in the future as it would be fun. However, nothing is concrete on this matter.

Note: Several other questions were asked, however in order to keep it simple, I have picked a few of them that I found the most interesting.

Merchandise and Autograph Session

After the Q&A was complete, there was a raffle to win the 2016 Snow Miku Nendoroid. A lot of merchandise was available for purchase, such as event-limited merchandise and Snow Miku Town Japan products.


Below are some of the things I have purchased.

IMG_0567 IMG_0566
The towel was signed by Hiroyuki Itoh himself.

There was also an autograph session with Hiroyuki Itoh at the end. I was thankful to be able to take a picture with Mr. Itoh.


I hope to see the fans in the future at a Miku Expo and any upcoming events that VNN will attend.

Don’t forget, I will be attending Anime North 2016 next weekend as well as have a panel with Kotori on the history and culture of VOCALOID. Come and find us — we will also have some giveaways for our fans! We’re looking forward to seeing some of you. You can find more information on our previous article about VNN at Anime North here.

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Lastly, you can check out Navito World’s Facebook below.

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