Stream Lia’s Live Solo Performance at the Zepp!

“Lia 20th BEST Special LIVE 2020”

Coming from singing her debut, Torino Uta (from anime AIR), Lia is also known for singing the main theme songs of popular anime such as CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~, Angel Beats!, Mekakucity Actors, and Charlotte! To celebrate her career 20th anniversary, she announced a new album, “Lia 20th Best“. This live performance will feature Lia’s best hit show from December 6th, 2020.

You can purchase tickets while the archive period is up until 17:00 JST, December 20, 2020 and view the show as many times as you like until 23:59 JST, December 20, 2020. Those who wish to comment on the show can utilize the “#Lia20th” tag on Twitter.


To purchase tickets to the show, head to this page which also includes more information regarding Lia and the show itself. They are being sold for ¥2,800. It’s a wonderful opportunity for fans so make sure to show your love and support!


  1. Life is like a Melody
  2. Aozora(青空)
  3. Torino-Uta(鳥の詩)
  4. Kizunairo (絆色)
  5. Akai-yakusoku(赤い約束)
  6. doll
  7. Kokoro ni todoku uta(心に届く詩)
  8. Tazunebito(尋ねビト)
  9. Hoshino-Fune(星の舟)
  10. Saya’s Song
  11. Toki wo-kizamu uta(時を刻む唄)
  12. TORCH
  13. My Soul, Your Beats!
  14. Light colors
  15. Ichiban no-Takaramono(一番の宝物)
  16. Bravely You
  17. Farewell song

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