Luo Tianyi Will Be Performing at the Bilibili Macro Link!

Bilibili will soon be having their 4th yearly live event, “Bilibili Macro Link” (short for BML)! Recently, Bilibili has announced a list of their invited artists for the 2016 Bilibili Macro Link; it includes not only famous Bilibili singers, dancers, music composers, and even overseas artists, but also a certain name on the list that caught our attention. Luo Tianyi has been invited to perform on the stage of the 2016 Bilibili Macro Link! Despite the “VOCALOID·UTAU” section always being an active category on the video website, this is the first time a VOCALOID gets to perform on Bilibili Macro Link.

Poster of 2016 Bilibili Macro Link

Introduction PV of Invited Artists

The 2016 Bilibili Macro Link will be held at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai on the 23rd of July. We know that Tianyi will be performing with the virtual idol Miss Monochrome, though Bilibili did not announce what song she will be singing. You may get more details on the artists who will be performing at the 2016 BML here.

Ticket Purchase Prices

BML_ticketThere are 6 different admission prices for the venue of the 2016 Bilibili Macro Link:

  • Area S: ¥1280 RMB
  • Area A: ¥980 RMB
  • Area B: ¥780 RMB
  • Area C: ¥580 RMB
  • Area D: ¥380 RMB
  • Area  E: ¥180 RMB

Bilibili and will launch the sales of the tickets on May 20th.

Fans may purchase tickets in “Area S” and “Area A” through Bilibili. (Registration or membership is required.)

As for tickets in Area B, Area C , and Area D, they can be purchased through (Registration is required.)

Each member can only purchase a total of four tickets from every area.


If you are interested in the past Bilibili Macro Link events, you may enter the 2016 Bilibili Macro Link web page to watch the videos of previous events and find more details about Bilibili Macro Link. (The website is in Chinese.)

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