Macne Nana V4 Announced!

The Macne Nana teaser website has been, well, teasing us for quite some time now. And now it all makes sense! Macne Nana V4 is official!


Macne Nana V4

The “4” was for V4
“P” was for “Petit”
And the AHS image was in fact about AHS!

The new V4 software will be called “Macne Nana Plus”. All her previous V3 libraries, including the Japanese & English, will be improved for V4. In addition, she will have a new Japanese library called “Petite” which will feature the younger version of Macne Nana’s voice.

Macne Nana V4 is set for a release in the second half of 2016 and AHS will be distributing/selling her. Prices are yet to be confirmed and there is no information if a bundled version will be available or not.

However, Macne Nana is officially an AHS VOCALOID now! Fans are already hoping to see Macne Nana perform with the other AHS VOCALOIDs in the future!

The End of V3

As expected after a product upgrade, Macne Nana V3 will soon be unavailable for purchase. The digital version will no longer be available as of March 31st, 2016 while the physical version will be available in “limited quantities”. It’s safe to say that those limited sales will be whatever stock remains and, after that, they’ll be making way for Macne Nana V4.

Extra Goodies

In addition to the Macne Nana V4 announcement, the article on also has a downloadable wallpaper with desktop (2560 x 1440), iPhone (1920 x 1080), and iPad (2048 x 2048) versions. You can head over to this page to grab the wallpaper, which we’ve featured as the image at the very top of this article.

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