MEDIUM⁵ Mini Figures Now Up for Pre-order!

Quadimension keeps promoting their group of vocalists MEDIUM⁵ with more merchandise and, after waiting so much, their mini figures are now available through their official Taobao store!

Meet the MEDIUM⁵ Girls!

We already got various teasers for those mini figures, but we weren’t expecting them to be up for pre-order so soon!

As of now you can only pre-order the box including all six of them, paying 100 RMB for deposit, however they also plan a random-like release where you only get one of the figures in blind.

The full box cost 354 RMB and release is expected for April 2020. If you are interested, they can be found here!


While we wait for those cuties to be released, don’t forget to stay tuned with us on VNN for more news!

Quadimension is on Youtube and Weibo
You can also find Stardust on WeiboTwitter and Youtube
HaiYi, on the other hand, can be found on Weibo!
CangQiong can be found on Weibo!
ShiAn can be found on Weibo as well.
And you can find ChiYu on Weibo as well!
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