Miku Sings the Ending Theme to “Aware! Meisaku-kun”

The popular NHK kids anime series Aware! Meisaku-kun has recently begun its second season, and with it comes a brand-new ending song entitled “名作!傑作!マスターピース! (Meisaku! Kessaku! Masterpiece!).” What might entice VOCALOID fans of all ages to start or continue watching the series is the fact that its new theme song is sung by none other than Hatsune Miku!

Music for the song was written by kz, while the lyrics were handled by HachiojiP. It is, in fact, the first song that this pair of titans in the VOCALOID world have collaborated on ever since creating the very popular “Weekender Girl” together. If the creators of the anime were aiming to indoctrinate young children on the wonders of Miku’s voice, then they sure played their cards right!

Below are some official announcements for the song’s debut!

Aware! Meisaku-kun’s new ending theme will be the latest song by kz (@kz_lt) and HachiojiP (@8_Prince), ‘Meisaku! Kessaku! Masterpiece!’ These superstars of the VOCALOID world will also have Hatsune Miku singing their song! Tune in to BITWORLD tonight at 6:20 PM to catch its must-hear world premier!” #名作くん

“I was given the honor of working with HachiojiP on the new ending theme for the ETV series, Aware! Meisaku-kun, which starts airing today. It was really fun to work on. I hope you all enjoy.”

“I was in charge of creating the new ending song for season 2 of the anime Aware! Meisaku-kun, now airing on ETV! It was my first collaborative project with kz-sensei since Weekender Girl! And, of course, the vocals will be handled by Miku. Be sure to tune in and watch it!” #名作くん

About Aware! Meisaku-kun

Aware! Meisaku-kun is an anime series from Pie in the Sky and began airing on April 8th, 2016, as part of the BITWORLD program on NHK Educational TV, also known as ETV. It follows the everyday (mis)adventures of sixth-grader, Meisaku Matsuda, and his friends at Ryugu Elementary School: Sweets, the peach-shaped hat-wearing kid; Musubi, the talking rice ball; Nocchio, the puppet (er, make that ROBOT) boy; and Bolt, the muscular turtle. Their school has a reputation for churning out well-known characters in famous fables, which Meisaku and his classmates seek to become as well.

Lyrics for “Meisaku! Kessaku! Masterpiece!” go as so:

DA・DA・DA 大冒険     DA・DA・DA 大惨事
Da-da-da daibouken     Da-da-da daisanji

DA・DA・DA 大失敗     大体問題ない!
Da-da-da daishippai     Daitai mondai nai!

古今から東西まで     語り継がれるよ 物語
Kokon kara touzai made     Katari tsugareru yo, monogatari

あはれ!あはれる!あはれなり!     千里の道も一歩ずつ
Aware! Awareru! Awarenari!     Senri no michi mo ippo zutsu

名作!傑作!いとをかし     笑う門にはね福が来る
Meisaku! Kessaku! Ito wo kashi     Warau kado ni wa ne fuku ga kuru

王様だって妖精だって     先生だってなんだって
Ousama datte yousei datte     Sensei datte nan datte

みんなでなかよくせーので     じゃんけんぽん
Minna de naka yoku seii no de     Jankenpon


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