MOEYU x Hatsune Miku Early Autumn Products Now Available!

Autumn is getting closer and with a new season coming, we all need to adapt with some new clothes! Fearing you might not find anything new to wear this year? Well fear no more, because MOEYU and Hatsune Miku are coming to the rescue!

An Ideal Early Autumn Clothing Line

We know that MOEYU likes to treat their costumers with all sort of products, but their clothes are probably the ones we see more often and they never forget to give us new items to wear in our everyday lives. This time, they brought us a new autumnal line of Hatsune Miku clothes, ready for her fans to enjoy!

First of all, we have two marvelous new long-sleeved t-shirts! Both of the designs are distinctly different, with one of them sparking in the night with a bright green color!

Below are their current prices, and can be ordered the by clicking on their names, directly!

All shirts are available is S/M/L/XL/XXL sizes. But t-shirts aren’t all MOEYU have to offer – we also have more apparel and accessories to see!

This pre-autumnal product line introduces a loose collared shirt, which is inspired by a more casual take on Miku’s design.

A new pair of sweatpants have debuted featuring her color palette, as well as an adorable new phone case that glows in the dark!

The phone case was specially designed featuring artist ICA’s illustration! Below you can find the prices:

Make sure you get your new autumn looks while you’ve got a chance!


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  1. This looks like a Chinese site (excuse my unfamiliarity) and seems to have no English interface.
    Do you know if you can order from them outside of China, or will a proxy be required?

  2. Ya, I wish how to order was made more clear. As is, I just ignore a lot of these merch posts due to not knowing availability. :(

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