New MMD Model & Police Version Illustrations of Hiyama Kiyoteru and Kaai Yuki Now Available!

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru on December 4th, 2017, AH-Software has released the official V4 Hiyama Kiyoteru MMD Model and the Police Version illustrations of Kiyoteru and Yuki to the public!

The V4 Kiyoteru MMD model was created by かこみき (Kakomiki) and features Kiyoteru in his ‘dressed down’ V4 Natural look.

The Police Version illustrations of Kiyoteru and Yuki from Atarou Umetani can be seen below, featuring them both in police uniforms. It looks like Yuzuki Yukari isn’t the only AH-Software VOCALOID with an official police version anymore!

 Yuki and Kiyoteru Police Version Illustration

See below for the official announcement from AH-Software on Twitter.

“Today 12/4 is the 8th anniversary of Kaai Yuuki, Hiyama Kyoteru, miki, Tsukuyomi Ai and Tsukuyomi Shouta! To celebrate, the V4 Hiyama Kyoteru (dressed down) かこみき/Kakomiki MMD Model, and the Kaai Yuki & Hiyama Kyoteru Police Version illustrations have been released on our free omake page! Please download ヾ (* ‘∀ `*) ノ http://www.

You can download the V4 Kiyoteru MMD Model, Police Version illustrations, and other resources from the AH-Software omake page here. Alternatively, you can find the V4 Kiyoteru MMD Model on the Charamin store page.

The newly-released V4 Hiyama Kiyoteru (dressed down) かこみき/Kakomiki MMD Model is now also available on the Charamin store! Please download him and make him dance ヾ (* ‘∀ `*) ノ

Also, don’t forget that it was also the 8th anniversary for SF-A2 miki, Tsukuyomi Ai, and Tsukuyomi Shouta, so there’s a lot to celebrate from AH-Software!

Thank you so much for celebrating our 8th anniversary yesterday! Kiyoteru-sensei and Yuki-chan are happy, too… (*´ω`*)

Information Source

AH-Software’s omake page
Charamin Store page
AH-Software’s Official Twitter

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