New Official Yuzuki Yukari LINE Stickers from Nejishiki and Danjyo Sora Available!

Yuzuki Yukari is surely receiving so many new expressive content lately and, after the previous LINE stickers from ebi_gohan we covered not long ago, we have a whole new set made by Nejishiki and Danjyo Sora!

Lovers and Friends?

Portraying an adorable and shy Yukari on the verge of finding love and confessing her feelings, those stickers st titled “Koibitomodachi” (a word playing around “Koibito” and “Tomodachi“, respectively “Lover” and “Friend“) will light up your conversations with all of your friends and possible crushes!

You can buy this set for 1,99 EUR (which should be 1,99 USD once converted, depending on the country you live) by simply clicking here!

Your conversations will get as adorable and cut as Yukari’s expressions goes, trust us!

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