New Snow Miku Sky Town Merchandise Revealed!

Snow Miku Sky Town will have some new merchandise for sale starting August 10th! Fans who are at the New Chitose airport can take advantage of these exclusive goods and (if traveling internationally) get a picture taken in one of the unique photo booths.

There are also some Sky Town goods available on Crypton’s online store with some cool bonuses!

The Goods

Tote Bag with zipper: ¥600 Yen (excluding tax)

T-shirt (with different character colors): ¥4,800 Yen (excluding tax)

Snow Light T-shirt: ¥4,000 Yen (excluding tax)

Snow Miku Sky Town KEI T-shirt: ¥2,500 Yen (excluding tax)

Flat Pouch: ¥1,200 Yen each (excluding tax)

Eye Glasses Case (Miku): ¥1,800 Yen each (excluding tax)

Eye Glasses Case (Snow Light): ¥1,800 Yen each (excluding tax)

Air Freshener: ¥700 yen (tax excluded)

Smartphone Case (Miku): ¥3,250 Yen (tax excluded)

Fits up to iPhone 7

Smartphone Case (Snow Light): ¥3,250 Yen (tax excluded)

Fits up to iPhone 7

Clear File: ¥350 Yen each (tax excluded)

Photo Booth

In addition to the merchandise, there are two photo booths set up at the international terminal of the airport for those who want a quick picture while heading out of the country! The cost for a photo session is ¥600 Yen.

There are two options to choose from, so pick whichever one suits you!

Sky Town Online Goods

Lastly, Crypton has an online store that sells four assortment sets! Those that purchase ¥2,000 JPY or more worth of certain sets will get a bonus clear card, and a can badge will be given to those who purchase either the Men’s Set or Women’s Set.

You can check out the online store here!

More Information

As always, stay tuned to VNN for more updates on Sky Town and other VOCALOID merch!

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