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New Trilingual VOCALOID “Zing!”

If you follow VNN, you are probably familiar with the mobile rhythm game Zyon. You may also be familiar with Zing if you have played the game.

With that being said, back in July, Aquatrax gave a hint on their Facebook as to why she didn’t have a VOCALOID voice bank and proceeded with the phrase, “Zing: See you next time.” This made many fans wonder if she would be a VOCALOID or just a voice bank.

Today, it was confirmed that she is getting a VOCALOID voice bank and she will be available in three languages, set to released in 2018!

UPDATE: Two of her voice banks will be released in 2018 and we still do not know when the 3rd will be released. Aquatrax will be collaborating with EXIT TUNES for the production of Zing. (Source).

UPDATE #2: Her languages were confirmed on Weibo to be English, Japanese, and Chinese!

If you are curious about the game Zyon, you can find more information here.

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