Otomachi Una Contest Winners and Commercial Broadcast Schedule Revealed!

In celebration of Otomachi Una‘s 1st anniversary, MTK and Internet Co. Ltd. hosted both an original song contest and an illustration contest this past summer, with the winning entries to be featured in special TV commercials that are set to air this fall. The results of both contests have been revealed, and so has the broadcast schedule for the commercials!

Illustration Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner

The grand prize winner of the illustration contest is 松崎げん (Gen Matsuzaki) with their Una illustration titled “Happy Anniversary!!” See below for commentary by Una Talk’s official illustrator, Naoki Saito!

“Doki!!! The moment I saw this adorable trio and their bright smiles, they took hold of my heart and never let go! I especially love the subtle differences in hand gestures and the poses that the three of them strike, all while looking very vividly drawn! Something else that made this drawing fun to look at was the different facial expressions for the Otaman hats, conveying each of their different personalities. Ahh, the more I look at them, the cuter they get… 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。 Gen Matsuzaki-san, congratulations on winning the grand prize!”
-Naoki Saito


“1周年! (1st Anniversary!)” by ひまたねぎ (Himatanegi)

“I can practically feel the story behind this illustration, which drew me in the moment I first saw it! It’s like Una-chan has made a new friend, and says to them ‘Let’s go for a swim together!’ How heartwarming♡ The artist’s individual touch really permeates throughout the whole piece!! Himatanegi-san, congratulations on your award! ╰(*´︶`*)╯”
-Naoki Saito

“ウナサンド (Una Sandwich)” by kawa-tarow

“The playful atmosphere of this piece really lifted my mood. I feel that I can practically hear each of their voices! The Otaman hats look especially cute all squished together! Congratulations on your award, kawa-tarow-san ٩( ᐛ )و ”
-Naoki Saito

“これがウナサウンドだーーー!!!(This is Una’s Sound—!!!)” by gorogoromusi42

“Una-chan’s energetic singing voice and vibe are both conveyed really well throughout this illustration! It almost looks like Talk is positively overwhelmed by Sugar & Spicy‘s power! Just as the title exclaims, it’s a really powerful piece!!
gorogoromusi42-san, congratulations on your award ♪( ´▽`)”
-Naoki Saito

Judges’ Picks

Commentary for these is provided by Una’s voice provider, Aimi Tanaka.

“ウナの歌声を聴けっ!(Listen to Una’s Singing!)” by わた菜Lv11

“What amazing thighs! Yup, that’s where my eyes were drawn to! (lol) Spicy’s coolness really dominates here. The background design is really cute too, and I love how it feels like these two are just having a fun time singing!”
-Aimi Tanaka

“1周年だー! (It’s Your 1st Anniversary!~)” by 駒鳥うい (Ui Komadori)

“The sheer liveliness of this piece really fits Una-chan! I picked out this illustration for that reason. Thanks for drawing Talk-chan, too♪”
-Aimi Tanaka

“音街ウナ© (Otomachi Una)” by しもはら (Shimohara)

“I love this design! Amidst all the dynamic and high-energy drawings, I was really charmed by this more light-hearted and calm take on Una-chan. It has the air of something straight out of a novel, which is good! The sparkles in her eyes are also a cute touch♡”
-Aimi Tanaka

See TINAMI’s Otomachi Una contest page for the full list of entries, 248 in all!

Commercial Song Contest

The results of the song portion of the contest have been revealed as well, and these three producers will soon hear their songs played on TV when the commercials start airing! Each of the songs will also be made available on VOCALOTRACKS for purchase on Wednesday, October 11th.

Winner #1: “トキメキ☆マイハート (Tokimeki☆My Heart)” by すんぷすん♪ (sunpusun♪)

Set for release on 10/11, “Tokimeki☆My Heart” feat. Otomachi Una will be featured in a TV commercial! ✧.゚٩(๑>◡<๑)۶:.。♡ I did my best on it, so I hope everyone enjoys~♫”

Winner #2: “チョコパフェが食べたいの (Choco Parfait ga Tabetai no, “I Wanna Eat Chocolate Parfait”)” by 音羽ねぅ (Otoha Neu)

“My song “I Wanna Eat Chocolate Parfait” feat. Otomachi Una will soon be released on VOCALOTRACKS, and will even be used for a TV commercial! (●´ω`●) It’s a really cheery and cute song, so look forward to its release! I know I sure am! w

Winner #3: “ジャストなう! (Just Now!)” by シカクドット (Shikaku Dot)

“My humble entry in the Otomachi Una TV commercial song contest, “Just Now!” will be used for this! https://twitter.com/otomachiuna/status/913690966657081345

VOCALOTRACKS has just released a total of 22 new Otomachi Una songs on their website as part of her 1st anniversary celebration! Check them all out here!

Broadcast Schedule

Finally, some details on the new commercials and their broadcast schedule have been revealed!

There will be three variations to the commercial (each using a different song and artwork), and they will each be 15-sec long. They are scheduled to broadcast on the following stations at the following dates and times (subject to change):

October 16th and 23rd, starting at 12:00 am JST before their anime programs
November 6th, starting at 12:00 am JST before their anime programs
October 17th and 31st, starting at 12:30 am JST before their anime programs

Sun Television:
October 6th, 10th, 17th, and 20th, starting at 12:30 am JST before their anime programs)

TV Shizuoka:
October 6th, starting at 1:35 am JST during the program “初めての〇〇 (Hajimete no 〇〇)
October 13th, starting at 1:50 am JST during the program “ノイタミナ (noitaminA)”
October 20th and 27th, starting at 1:35 am JST during “ノイタミナ (noitaminA)”

International fans should keep an eye on Otomachi Una’s official YouTube channel for future uploads of the commercials!

Information Source

Official Contest Page
Contest Page on TINAMI
Otomachi Una’s Official Twitter

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