Quadimension’s “亚特兰蒂斯Atlantis” Album preview and MEDIUM⁵’s Fifth Member Appeared!

We all eagerly waited for February to hear more of Quadimension‘s projects, and seems they kept their promise by uploading their new “亚特兰蒂斯Atlantis” album preview! However, the video also revealed some other important details: CangQiong‘s design finally unveiled, ShiAn’s silhouette teased and, to our surprise, Medium⁵ got a fifth member of the group as well!

About the Album

Let’s begin by talking about this album from Quadimension, “亚特兰蒂斯Atlantis”! As we could expect by its title, it is themed after the ocean and in particular after HaiYi, its main vocalist as this is her first solo album! You can check out it video preview below!


  1. Paradise -ATLANTIS- // Evalia, Napstina feat. HaiYi
  2. Juvenile Ever Dream // ONO, Napstina feat. HaiYi
  3. Water and Sky // Yín Yì Xīng Huī, Napstina feat. HaiYi
  4. Moonlight Palm // Zeno, Napstina feat. HaiYi
  5. START // Cí Dài Jūn, Napstina feat. HaiYi
  6. Dragon Girl // erazedfx feat. HaiYi
  7. Qǐ Níng Zhǎnj // MeLo, Napstina feat. HaiYi
  8. Befall // Ddickky, Napstina feat. HaiYi


Just like every Quadimension album, there are various versions you can choose and buy, at different prices! Each of them include some extra bonuses and will delight your fan senses! Let’s check them below!

  • 50 RMB:
    The Album
    A Booklet
    Transparent album case
  • 100 RMB:
    All of the above
    Artbook format A4 (20 pages)
    Two Can Badges (75mm)
  • 130 RMB:
    All of the above
    Five illustrated postcards
    An A4 format folder
    An acrylic keychain (exclusive to the album)
  • 160 RMB:
    All of the above
    Metallic box (Collector ver.)
    A collectible card with a number
  • 180 RMB:
    All of the above
    HaiYi-themed Paper Bag
    A pin

This album was already released on October 31st, 2018! You can buy the album via Taobao!

A New Character?!

But let’s get down to the real business now! If yow watched the album preview we linked in the previous paragraph until the very end, you would have noticed they got a teaser sequence showing us CangQiong’s full design, ShiAn’s silhouette and, to our surprise, a fifth black box with just a name: “ChiYu” (赤羽), it can also translated as “Red Feather“.

Screenshot from the album preview, featuring all of the Medium⁵ members

Our theory of a fifth member to be introduced in the Medium⁵’s group was correct! We cannot wait to hear more of them, as well as for ShiAn and ChiYu’s designs to be revealed!

Oh, but speaking of ShiAn, Quadimension also showed a glimpse of her design via post on their Weibo! You can check it down here!


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Quadimension on Weibo
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