RUBY Illustration and Design Contest Announced!

In celebration of RUBY’s 3rd anniversary, a contest has been announced today! The contest is for creating an illustration and the other for creating a design!

Creative fans can show their love for RUBY by creating an original illustration for RUBY and they can also create an original character design. On top of that, they are offering some money as prizes.

  • $30 USD for the winning illustration.
  • $40 USD for the winning original character design.

Be sure to follow the rules if you are considering participating:

General Contest Guidelines

  1. No age limit to participate.
  2. You can upload your entries online before the contest ends.
  3. Can be illustrated in any medium, from traditional to digital.
  4. Taking part in the contest means you’re handing over exploitation and reproduction rights of the illustration or design. All illustration and design credit will be made to the winner in any potential future uses.

Illustration Contest Guidelines

  1. RUBY must be the only character in the illustration.
  2. No NSFW illustrations will be allowed.
  3. Illustration must be A4 size, either in portrait or landscape format, saved in a .png file.
  4. Participants can only submit one illustration.
  5. Entries must have a background; either simple or complex. No transparent or white backgrounds.
  6. It is recommended to illustrate one of Ruby’s three official designs: Official, Idol, and Astéri. However, this is not a requirement. You can find references to all designs here.
  7. Contestants can participate in the design contest as well.

Design Contest Guidelines

  1. RUBY should be the only character in the design sheet.
  2. Participants can submit 2 designs.
  3. It is recommended to have a theme in mind when constructing a design. There is no official theme, but we will offer an example which can be used: Virtual Diva.
  4. There is no canvas size requirement, but the design must be clearly visible.
  5. The design illustration must have a front and back of the design shown. (Example here)
  6. Contestants can submit an illustration as well.
  7. The Winner’s entry might have the design slightly modified.

Submit your work to [email protected]. All submissions will be reviewed and judged by Misha, Artemi & seica. Be sure to use the Hashtag #Vocaloid_Ruby if you upload your submission to social media!

Winners will be announced on the official Vocaloid Ruby Twitter and Facebook accounts on November 7th and contacted to receive their prize shortly after the announcement.

New Official Alternative Design “Astéri”

Additionally to the contest, RUBY also got a new alternative design illustrated by Artemi. Her voice provider Misha created her stunning and beautiful outfit together with seica. This new design called “Astéri” gives RUBY a more mature look, as if she grew up in the last 3 years!

It's RUBY's 3rd anniversary! In celebration, we're introducing a new alternative design: AstériThe wonderful…

Posted by Vocaloid RUBY on Sunday, October 7, 2018

More Information

If you would like to know more about RUBY and the contests, visit the following sites:

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