Second Card Revealed on Macne Teaser Website!

The Macne teaser website is still loading, now at 70% and holding a new card for fans to wonder about. With two out of the three cards revealed, we’re sure the last one will be of huge importance.

As we mentioned in a previous article, has turned into a teaser website that is counting down to the seventh birthday of Macne Nana. There are three cards, two of which weren’t revealed as of the last article. Now the site has updated and there are two revealed cards and one hidden card.

The first card was a “4 of clubs” while the second appears to be a “P of spades”. While not an actual card, perhaps the suits have something to do with the hints? We’re still guessing.

With the “4” card, fans were guessing a VOCALOID 4 release. Now with the “P” card released, fans are trying to piece together what that letter could be for. (Note: The symbol on Nana’s cup is “Nana” (“7”). It’s nothing special.)

Be sure to follow @macnenana on Twitter for the latest updates. They only post in Japanese but they’re still worth the follow! We’re very close to Macne Nana’s birthday and VNN is eagerly counting down the days until the big reveal!

If you’re interested in the previous article or simply want an explanation of how Nana is seven years old when the VOCALOID bank was only released a year ago, you can check out the article here.

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