Snow Miku and Hokkaido Mirai Note Project Now Open!

Have you ever visited the island of Hokkaido, and took pictures of its beauty and grandeur that you would like to see reach a wider audience? Crypton Future Media and the Hokkaido Prefectural Office are making that possible through the Hokkaido Mirai Note project!

About Hokkaido Mirai Note

Whether it’s about the natural scenery, food, festivals, or arts and crafts, there are a lot of beautiful sights to see and take in when visiting Hokkaido. The Hokkaido Mirai Note project aims to catalogue photos that people take during their time in Hokkaido, with the aim of promoting the island and all of its unique splendors.

By following the Instagram account @hokkaido_mirai_note and hashtagging your photos of Hokkaido with #hmnote, you too can contribute to the project and share your photos with the world!

Promotional art for the project was provided by 飴村 (Amemura), and they feature none other than Snow Miku, who has become an iconic figure of Hokkaido since her creation in 2010. The main visual shows her standing outside the real-life Cape Earth in Muroran City, while the sub visual shows her at the Ningle Terrace in Furano City.

“I provided the main and sub-visuals for the Hokkaido Mirai Note project hosted by Crypton Future Media and the Hokkaido Prefectural Office. It’s filled with lots of beautiful photographs of Hokkaido, so be sure to give it a look, or even participate. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s contributions!”

“With Snow Miku serving as your guide, the general-admission web project ‘Hokkaido Mirai Note’ now commences❄️ Take and upload photos that encompass what you like about Hokkaido to Instagram, and it may appear on the official site, spreading the charm and appeal of Hokkaido to all visitors✨ See here for details! →

“Now accepting uploads! Spreading the charm and appeal of Hokkaido’s bountiful nature and food, and also its architecture and little-known arts and crafts, the ‘Hokkaido Mirai Note’ project now commences! Sign up for Instagram and upload your splendid photos for all to see✨ Serving as your guide will be the future ambassador of Hokkaido, Snow Miku!”

How to Post

Anyone can add their own photos of Hokkaido to contribute to the project. Click here for guidelines on how to get your photos shared on the official Hokkaido Mirai Note Instagram page.

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