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Summer WonFes 2018 VOCALOID Figure Roundup!

VOCALOID figure collectors rejoice! New Vocaloid figures were revealed at the Summer WonFes 2018 and a bunch of previously announced figures were also displayed as painted figures or prototypes!

Check out all the figures we have seen so far below.

New Figure Announcements

Here are all the newly announced VOCALOID figures!

Updated Painted and Prototype Figures

There were also many previously announced figures displayed in their painted or prototype forms. Check them out below!

Prize Figures

SEGA also showed off some more prize figures!

No Updates

Though we have seen plenty of exciting updates, I regret to say that there was still no sign of the 1/4 Scale Kaito V3 figure which was previously announced. We will be sure to inform you if we hear any news on this.

Please stay tuned to VNN for further updates on all these figures!

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