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July, 2019

  • 21 July

    Vtuber Album “VirtuaREAL.00” Released

    Usagi Production released an original album featuring a bunch of Virtual Youtubers! The album is called “VirtuaREAL.00”. Some of the featured artists are fairly new to the Virtual space. The album is produced by Tamu: a DJ and music producer. The album art is designed by KURUMITSU Album crossfade Tracklist …

  • 11 July

    Virtual Youtuber AZKi Releases 10th Single “Sayonara Hero”

    AZKi joined the Virtual Youtuber world in November 2018. She hopes to meet talented people and contribute to the ever-growing virtual world. As of writing this, AZKi has released a total of 12 songs in under 8 months! Alternating with AZKi WHiTE (J-Pop Idol style), and with AZKi BLaCK (J-Rock) …