Virtual Youtuber AZKi Releases 10th Single “Sayonara Hero”

AZKi joined the Virtual Youtuber world in November 2018. She hopes to meet talented people and contribute to the ever-growing virtual world. As of writing this, AZKi has released a total of 12 songs in under 8 months! Alternating with AZKi WHiTE (J-Pop Idol style), and with AZKi BLaCK (J-Rock) has made a wide range of songs that would fit anyone’s taste. With her hard work, she has garnered around 54,000 subscribers from Japan and overseas.



Sayonara Hero is produced by SCRAMBLES, known for producing music for BiSH, BiS, EMPiRE, and GANG PARADE. Satoshi Toyosumi of the SCRAMBLES wrote the lyrics.

The track tells you to say goodbye to your old self and say hello to the new hero. With the sweet and mature voice of AZKi, Sayonara Hero gives off a wide range of colors. This refreshing J-rock song would be perfect for any summer playlist.

The single “Sayonara Hero” is available July 9, 2019 (WED) Noon Japan Standard Time 

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“Sayonara Hero” is now available in every major music provider both in the west and in Japan.
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“Sayonara Hero”


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