Tohoku Zunko V4 and Kiritan VOICEROID+ Announced Plus Anime Updates!

In a surprise announcement from AHS, we’ve learned that not only will Tohoku Zunko be receiving a VOCALOID 4 voice bank but also her younger sister Kiritan will be a VOICEROID+! Both will be released on October 27.

Tohoku Zunko V4 Main Image

Tohoku Zunko V4

Tohoku Zunko V4 Full ArtTohoku Zunko’s V4 bank is called “Tohoku Zunko V4 Natural”. While this is her only VOCALOID 4 voice bank, she is capable of cross synthesis. She also comes with growl.

Interestingly enough, AHS announced that Zunko’s V4 bank won’t be the only one able to cross synthesize with her V3 bank; all other AHS VOCALOIDs except for Kaai Yuki will be able to as well. All of AHS’s V3 and V4 banks are capable of cross synthesizing with each other! For more information, please see our article here.

Recommended Tempo: 70~140
BPM Recommended Range: F2~G#4

Zunko V4 will be available both for digital download and boxed, as well as in a starter pack. She’s currently available for pre-order on AHS’s online shop for the following prices:


Package (Boxed Ver.): ¥9,800 JPY + tax (about $98 USD)
Download Ver.: ¥7,000 JPY + tax (about $70 USD)
Zunko V3 Owner Special Price: ¥5,000 JPY + tax (about $50 USD)
AHS Special User Price: ¥8,000 JPY + tax (about $80 USD)


Package (Boxed Ver.): ¥16,000 JPY + tax (about $160 USD)
Zunko V3 Owner Special Price: ¥11,000 JPY + tax (about $110 USD)
AHS Special User Price (Boxed Ver.): ¥14,000 JPY + tax (about $140 USD)

The “AHS Special User Price” is for anyone who owns a registered AHS software product, while the “Zunko V3 Owner Special Price” is for those who own a registered version of Zunko V3.

To pre-order Zunko, head over to AHS’s shop.

There are also two demos for Zunko V4 currently available.

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Tohoku Kiritan Main

Tohoku Kiritan VOICEROID+

kiritan_artAfter a successful crowdfunding campaign, Kiritan is becoming a VOICEROID+! While Tohoku Kiritan already has an UTAU voice bank for singing, she’s now joining her big sister Zunko in being able to speak!

The VOICEROID+ software is only available in Japanese but is a more advanced text-to-speech software that allows users to control the tempo, pitch, and intonation of the voices in the program.

While there aren’t any official demos of Kiritan’s VOICEROID+ voice just yet, her product page does have an area where you can input Japanese characters (hiragana, katakana, and kanji) and have her read them. You can also change the speed and pitch of her voice, plus listen to lots of songs featuring her UTAU voice bank!

Prices for Kiritan are as follows:

VOICEROID + Tohoku Kiritan EX

Package (Boxed Ver.): ¥11,000 JPY + tax (about $110 USD)
Download Ver.: ¥7,980 JPY + tax (about $80 USD)
AHS Special User Price (Boxed Ver.): ¥8,800 JPY + tax (about $88 USD)

The “AHS Special User Price” is for anyone with a registered AHS product.

She’s also available for pre-order at AHS’s online store.

Below you can find a demo of Kiritan’s UTAU voice bank. Please note this is NOT a demo of her VOICEROID+ bank. It’s simply here to give people an idea of what Kiritan’s voice sounds like. You can also find a live demo of Kiritan on AHS’s latest live stream here. Head to around the 35:00 mark.

Anime Updates

And finally, we have updates on the anime based on the Tohoku sisters! We mentioned before that an anime featuring the Tohoku sisters Zunko, Kiritan, and Itako was in the making. Now we have some small teasers in the form of concept art for the three!

The anime is set to air March or April of 2017, so we should hear more news by then!

Source: Anime Tamago
Source: Anime Tamago

Update: The main visual for “Zunda Horizon” has been released!

It features Zunko, Kiritan, Itako and what appears to be the main villain as well. There’s also a shorty synopsis available in Japanese, which we’ve roughly translated.

“Tohoku Zunko can shoot the “Zunda Arrow” and make any rice cake into the delicious “Zunko Rice Cake”. Eating these cakes are brings happiness to many, including Tohoku Itako, Cyukoku Usagi, Shikoku Metan, and Kyusyu Sorara.

However, the edamame beans used to make zunda rice cakes are actually unripened daizu beans, which are used to make the soybean dish, natto. Thus, Ooedo Chanko, leader of the ‘Natto Factory,’ along with her cohorts, Chubu Tsurigi, Kansai Shinobi, Okinawa Awamo, and Hokkaido Meron, are fearful that Zunko’s actions could lead to the reduction of daizu beans, and thus natto, in the world. Okinawa Awamo and Hokkaido Meron are then sent as assassins to Zunko home, but then a 3rd party starts to make their move. Who could they be!?”


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