Tohoku Zunko x Ookami-Hime Collaboration Now Underway!

Anyone who follows VNN for any length of time will inevitably come across one of our many articles about a mobile video game collaboration with Hatsune Miku. But today, another VOCALOID character gets in on the mobile game collab fun!

From now until October 26th, 2017, the special collaboration between Tohoku Zunko, and the shooting and defense RPG, Ookami-hime ~Uso to Honto no Monogatari (オオカミ姫 ~ウソとホントの物語~, lit. “Wolf Princess ~A Tale of Lies and Truth”), will be taking place in the popular mobile game from YAMAHA Music Media Corporation and CLINKS! Readers who are hearing about the game for the first time can check out a promotional video below!

Collaboration Details

Details about the collaboration were revealed in a special livestream that aired on October 13th on Fresh!, hosted by Ayaka Shimizu (voice of Hokkaido Meron) with Yuina Ito (voice of Zundamon) and Maria Sashide (voice of Ooedo Chanko) appearing as guests!

Twitter Campaign

A Twitter campaign is taking place in which players can win autographs from the voice actresses of Zunda Horizon! You can enter by first following the Ookami-hime official Twitter account, and retweeting the below tweets from each voice actress. Pick those whose autographs you desire the most!

Satomi Sato (voice of Tohoku Zunko) (Limited to 1 winner)

Ibuki Kido (voice of Tohoku Itako) (Limited to 1 winner)

Himika Akaneya (voice of Tohoku Kiritan) (Limited to 1 winner)

Maria Sashide (voice of Ooedo Chanko) (Limited to 2 winners)

Yuina Ito (voice of Zundamon) (Limited to 2 winners)

Ayaka Shimizu (voice of Hokkaido Meron) (Limited to 1 winner). Note that this character does not actually appear in the game.


There will be four chapters to the game’s new story that stars the three Tohoku sisters available for play during the collaboration period. The first three levels are now available, and the final one will go live on October 19th.

Collectable Gacha

Just by logging into the game during the collaboration period, players will instantly unlock a Zundamon gacha! Plus, subsequent logins on the fourth, seventh, tenth, and thirteenth day of the collaboration period can net you up to an additional four Zundamon gacha!

Zundamon’s not alone, though! Players who manage to get the ultra-rare Zunko, Itako, and Kiritan gacha will even unlock the characters as limited-time playable units! Furthermore, super-rare (and super cute) gacha and units for chibi versions of the three Tohoku sisters are available as well!

Raid Event

But what about Chanko, you ask? Well, getting Chanko will take a bit of extra work, because she and her robotic sumo, Genjimaru, actually appear in the game as a raid boss! After clearing the collab quests, the raid event called “Hakkeyoi! The One-Million Horsepower Genjimaru Appears!” will become available. Defeat Chanko, and you’ll unlock her ultra-rare gacha and unit for play!

Guild Missions

Finally, there will be special missions that you and other players can undertake as a guild. Clear them to unlock even more Zundamon gacha, as well as items that will net you other gold (rare) gacha!

Here’s one dedicated player who has managed to unlock all the special collaboration characters already, and lets us hear what each of them say when wandering around on the game’s home screen!

“Here are the voiced lines for each of my unlocked characters on the home screen.
For whatever reason, Itako seems to be in complete denial of my very existence. orz #オオカミ姫

Ookami-hime can be downloaded for Android on Google Play.

For even more media and gameplay footage of the collaboration content, be sure the check out Tohoku Zunko’s official Twitter, and the livestream on Fresh! Personally speaking, this author’s favorite part of the livestream is when Maria Sashide defeats herself (Chanko), and her subsequent reaction!

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