Tohoku Zunko x Tokyu Hands Exclusive Sale Begins!

The Tohoku girls team up to sell exclusive new merchandise for a limited time only!

Tohoku Zunko and her sisters have partnered with the Tokyu Hands department store chain to sell brand new merchandise!

Located in the Omiya branch store, the trio is all over this display.

What is most exciting is that the kiosk will feature a variety of newly released goods! Some of these include brand new pins, keychains, towels and art prints, in addition to new CDs and albums.

Not only that, but the display has a screening of the Zunda Horizon animation project throughout the day!

Here below you can find its location!

Finally, the whole experience is tied together with life-size cut-outs of the sisters, which Tohoku Zunko’s official Twitter confirmed that customers should take photos with!

The official store display will be available from July 1st through August 31st. Be sure to check out the Tokyu Hands store and check out the display while it is still available!

You can find Tohoku Zunko on FacebookTwitter and her official website.
Also Tokyu Hands can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and their official website!

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