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“Valkyrie Connect” x Hatsune Miku Collaboration’s Season 2 Begins!

Fans following VNN likely saw the announcement of the “Valkyrie Connect” x Hatsune Miku collab last week. However, everything wasn’t revealed at once! While new features have been added, old ones are around as well. So let’s get into what Season 2 is all about!

Main information

Season 2 will go from 7/12 at 6:00 (UTC) until 7/18 at 6:00 (UTC). After this, Season 3 starts!

New summons are available and old ones are still available as well. Players got their first wave of Diva Brooches but can save them up until the end of all three seasons. That way they can purchase gear and Souls!

What’s Staying?

The Facebook likes campaign is still happening on Facebook here. If you haven’t liked the post yet, be sure to do so for a chance to win some in-game prizes!

The free Miku strap remains available for all players logging in during the campaign period.

The Ranking Event is, of course, still going on.

The “Hachune Miku Strikes!” and “Concert Tower” challenges are still available.

The “Hatsune Miku Summon” is still available.

For information on these events, please check out our previous article.

What’s New?

There are new summoning banners available that bring new characters and costumes with them!

Costume Gear Summon

If Miku Append’s outfit is more your style, you can suit up Miku in that very outfit! The 7th 10x summon even guarantees that you receive the outfit!

Costume Gear Pack

If you’d rather just purchase the costume (as well as some gems to help you with the summoning banners), you’re in luck! The “Costume Gear Pack” is available for purchase once per person. It comes with the Append costume as well as 2,000 Gems (in game currency). It’ll cost you $24.99 but trying to summon it AND Miku on your own could cost a lot more.

Megurine Luka Summon

Luka’s finally making an appearance in “Valkyrie Connect” as well! She’s featured in a Step-Up summon much like Miku, Rin, and Len were in the previously mentioned summon. Unfortunately, you can’t obtain Miku from the Luka summon.

PropertiesTherian, Female, Ranged, Grounded, Black Hole
Skill140% Dark ATK damage and Charm for 3 turns to the 3 nearest enemies. *Charm effect applies only to Humans, Therians and Elves
Sp GearATK Absorption Barrier to self for 2 turns OR 10% of max HP
Level 60 Max StatsHP 27222, ATK 3414, MATK 2463, DEF 2465, MDEF 3148, SPD 3087, EVA 3331, ACC 3673

Your first summon is half off and, on every third 10x Summon, you’re guaranteed one of the three featured collab heroes. In addition, Luka is guaranteed on your 10th 10x Summon.


And, of course, the addition of a new unit means new gear is available. There are two different types of headphone gear for Luka available in exchange for Diva Brooches. In addition, the “Megurine Luka’s Soul” item needed to unlock and promote her is also available.

Luka’s Headphones (Sp.): 500 Diva Brooches

Luka’s Headphones X (Sp.): 2,000 Diva Brooches

Megurine Luka’s Soul (x20): 5,000 Diva Brooches

More Information

For more information, check out the following links. And be sure to stay tuned to VNN for when Season 3 starts! Until then, check out Valkyrie Connect in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

“Valkyrie Connect” x Hatsune Miku Collab Has Begun!
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