VOCALOID News Network Italian Version Now Available!

While we announced that we plan to have French and Korean versions of VNN up within this year, we’re pleased to announce that these two language won’t be the only ones joining the family! VOCALOID News Network Italian version is now available for all Italian speaking fans to enjoy!

VNN Italian comes courtesy of the Happy Synthesizer-}  Facebook page, an Italian VOCALOID fan page that will not only be translating VNN articles into Italian, but also will be providing VOCALOID news straight out of Italy!

VOCALOID News Network aims to be the source for all things VOCALOID in as many languages as possible and we’re happy to be able to serve the Italian speaking community.

In addition, we’d like to thank Chorvaqueen for allowing us to use an amazing piece of her Tonio Taiwan Version (also known as Toniocorn or UniTonio) artwork for the featured image! Tonio and Prima, while marketed as Engloids, are opera singers and as such are meant to sing in Italian, since opera is traditionally in said language. Of course, we couldn’t just choose any Tonio Taiwan image. We had to go to the Toniocorn queen for such an illustration! She was kind enough to provide us with a high res PNG image as well. So be sure to check her out and give her some love!

You can find Chorvaqueen all over the internet.
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