IA Concert Screening at Animecon!

There will be an IA concert screening at Animecon! As fans may have guessed, it will be a screening of IA’s “IA 1st Live Concert in Japan -PARTY A GO-GO-” The Movie, which we talked about in a previous article.

The programming guide says that it will be on Friday, June 10th from 21:30 until 22:20, and will be a warm up for the ball. It will be held at Mississippi (sorry American fans, it’s a different Mississippi).

Currently, no merchandise has been announced. However, IA’s world page has mentioned before that with the concert comes goods. So it’s a safe bet that fans should bring their wallets as well and get ready to buy some IA and Kagerou Project gear! (Fans may find 1st Place’s booth in the Dealer’s Room or goods may be sold at the screening. Please watch the IA World Page for more information.)

About Animecon

“Anime 2016 is an international festival for fans of anime, cosplay, games, manga and other modern popular culture.

Anime 2016 will be from 10 to 12 June in the World Forum The Hague. The theme will be “All aboard!”

You can order your tickets and book your hotel.

Anime 2016 is the largest and longest running festival in the Netherlands for fans of Asian movies and animation, cosplay, games, comics, food and ,uch more.

Starting on Friday the 10th of June at 14:00 the continuous event program will entertain you until Sunday at 17:00.” –Official Website

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