IA debutta all'Etna Comics 2016

IA’s Concert Screening at Etna Comics 2016

Even if it’s not the first time Italian fans have had the chance to attend a VOCALOID concert (see Luo Tianyi’s brief cameo at Lucca Comics & Games 2014), it’s still nice to hear about IA’s appearance at Etna Comics 2016!

But sadly, there is heartbreaking news. Because there won’t be a real concert with a projection and all that jazz. (But don’t despair! It won’t be a voice-only thing either like Luo Tianyi back in 2014!) Instead, there will be a screening of the long-awaited movie featuring her solo concert at Tokyo’s AKASAKA BLITZ, “IA First Live Concert in JAPAN -PARTY A GO-GO”, albeit, it will only be partial.

As we have mentioned in our previous article, the IA World Fanpage on Facebook has already announced the event, promising not only worldwide screenings of the movie at various comic conventions around the world, but also exclusive panels with lots of IA and Kagerou Project themed gadgets — which you’ll find at the Japan Center if you happen to attend Etna Comics 2016.

The movie will have its first screening on Thursday, June 2nd at 16:20 at the “anfiteatro Palco Principale”. The screening will also be shown at the “sala conferenze del Japan Center” at the following times: June 3rd at 24:30, June 4th at 12:30, and June 5th at 24:30.

For more news and details, we suggest you check out Etna Comics’ official Facebook page and their site.

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