VOCALOID5 Phrase Pack Series Vol.02 Released!

VOCALOID5 users rejoice! Yamaha gifts us a new Phrase Pack for their latest engine today! Let’s check it out together!

What is a Phrase Pack?

For those that aren’t in touch with most of the new features that have been added with VOCALOID5, one of the most relevant was the addition of a huge preset options that could be used in various occasions, available through the Media section. One of those are “Voice Phrases”.

Those pre-made settings could be edited and manipulated at user’s preferences, making the vocal tuning much easier to handle.

Phrase Pack Series

The VOCALOID Phrase Pack Series takes your Media presets needs to the next level, by providing you of new ones for free. Here below you can check how to install them!

By default, the editor should attempt to download them on its own every time you run the software, but you can check for them manually by following the tutorial above.

This time, they released a new set of packs divided by the categories Future Bass (Vol.2), Future Pop, Deep House and R&B. They are absolutely free to use in any of your works. Here below you can find some demos of them!

Amazing, right? But be aware, you need VOCALOID5’s latest version (5.2.0 or newer) for use them, so remember to download al of the updates!

You can download the latest version of the software by clicking here.


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VOCALOID Phrase Pack Series Web Page
VOCALOID on Twitter

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