VOCALOIDs Dex and Daina Released!

After much anticipation, the VOCALOID 4 voice banks Dex and Daina are now available for purchase from Zero-G! At the moment, it appears they aren’t available in Zero-G’s VOCALOID listings but the urls to the purchase pages are available. In addition to the product release, we now know the box art designs for the characters.

“DEX and DAINA are Zero-G’s newest Vocaloid voice banks and are our most emotive and expressive virtual vocalists to date. Much care has been taken with their development to create realistic and unique sounding voicebanks. They are set apart from previous releases due to both their American accents and their diverse vocal characteristics.” — Zero-G

Just like EmpathP mentioned in one of her live streams, there are design changes that help market the newest English VOCALOIDs to a more professional crowd. However, the designs haven’t changed too much.


Both Dex and Daina will go for $69.99 USD when they aren’t on sale. However, as a special introductory offer, each voice bank can be purchased for $49.99 USD at the moment.

In addition, there is a bundling option. When you have both Dex and Daina in your cart, a discount will automatically be applied and you will be able to purchase the two for $89.99.


The release of VOCALOIDs Dex and Daina also brings several demos with them. Those who created demo songs with these VOCALOIDs were asked to refrain from posting full versions of the songs until Dex and Daina’s release. While some demos songs have remained the same length, others have had more added to them. Some of these are brand new or were only previously teased in live streams.


“Respire” (2:23)

“Two Weeks” (1:42)

“My Impulse”


“Pushing Daisies” (2:14)

“Part of Me” (3:23) Yes, this is a cover of “Part of Me” by Katy Perry.


“A Wicked Girl and a Tin Boy” (4:05)

Other Information

More information can be found on Dex‘s and Daina‘s product pages. Dex and Daina will also be availabe at other retailes next week.

If you would like more information on Dex and Daina from before their release, we have many articles on them:

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UPDATE: EmpathP has uploaded the full version of “Two Weeks”

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