VOCAMERICA Kickstarter Stretch Goals Announced

EmpathP recently announced the confirmed acts for the VOCAMERICA concert. However, now the VOCAMERICA Kickstarter stretch goals are announced as well! There are four stretch goals, each of which will “unlock” a new VOCALOID in the concert.


Once again, the announcement came via Vocaloid Amino, where she’s promised to post all of her VOCAMERICA updates. (You can follow her on VA here.)

“Hello dears,

Since so many of you have asked, and since most of you have not been seeing other blog updates, allow me to tell you which Vocaloid performers we have planned to be stretch goals in our concert Kickstarter:

1.) AVANNA ($8,000 stretch goal)

2.) Oliver ($10,000 stretch goal)

3.) YOHIOloid ($12,000 stretch goal)

4.) Sonika ($14,000 stretch goal)

The money for each of these goals

Goes directly to production of the mmd model, hiring the choreographer, and commissioning the animator. If your favorite vocaloid is not listed, there is a reason for it. Either we already have rights to that vocaloid/model for it, or we have not been able to gain rights to it.

Either way, the only way you will see these extra Vocaloids perform is if each stretch goal is met.” -EmpathP

About the Performers


AVANNA is an English VOCALOID 3 vocal by Zero-G. She was designed and drawn by EmpathP, and has been used by Porter Robinson in “Sad Machine” and “Goodbye to a World“.


OLIVER is a British English VOCALOID developed by PowerFX. His voice is meant to be of a young choir boy.


YOHIOloid is a VOCALOID 3 voice bank voiced by the famous singer YOHIO. He is a bilingual Japanese and English voice created by PowerFX.


SONiKA is an English VOCALOID 2 vocal by Zero-G. However, she was also released in Taiwan and China, and technically has four designs (her original box art, her current box art, her Chinese design, and her Taiwanese design.) The Taiwanese design and the current box art designs are the most popular. At this time, it’s unknown which design will be chosen.


Please remember that these VOCALOIDs will only be featured if the stretch goals are reached. We’ll be sure to announce the Kickstarter as soon as it’s up. We hope everyone will share it! Even if you can’t pitch in, spreading the word to those who can is a huge help.

Also be sure to follow EmpathP on Vocaloid Amino for all the latest VOCAMERICA news.

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