VOCAMERICA Updates: New Stretch Goals and More!

You know what they say: It’s not over ’til it’s over. And that is definitely the case with VOCAMERICA. While EmpathP stated that she was done with the stretch goals, she’s given a surprise 24 hour challenge to unlock not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR more VOCALOID performers! In addition, we have a preview of the DAINA MMD model.

Final Stretch Goals

YoiStyle and Akuo were both game for more performers, so EmpathP let them choose the stretch goals. To the surprise of everyone, these guys are going all or nothing. These two new stretch goals both feature two VOCALOIDs each!

EmpathP has stated that she’s once again perfectly okay with these performers not being added and asks that fans not stress about getting them. However, many have already expressed their excitement.

$20,000 USD Stretch Goal


For $20,000 USD, both Tonio and Prima will be unlocked. It appears VOCAMERICA may have plans to use the Taiwanese designs of the two, as they are what’s featured in the stretch goal banner.

$25,000 USD Stretch Goal

For $25,000, fans can unlock Bruno and Clara.

After this stretch goal is the $30,000 equipment upgrade, the $50,000 Motion Trace Upgrade, and then the $100,000 equipment upgrade. While the original designs were used for the Kickstarter banner, EmpathP states this is only because the newer art got very pixelated when she tried to size it to fit in the banner.

Will There Be Keychains?

Due to how last minute these four are, there won’t be free keychains for Kickstarter backers. However, backers will receive a discount code to buy the keychains when they’re released in the future.

Introducing More Performers

The VOCAMERICA stretch goal performers will be added to the concerts slowly but steadily. For the first or second concert after NekoCon, AVANNA will be added. The next concert will have OLIVER added. This pattern will continue for as long as possible in order to keep the concerts fresh and new.

DAINA MMD Model WIP Revealed

In addition to the stretch goal additions, YoiStyle also posted a reveal of the DAINA MMD. While it’s not finished, he says it should be done soon.

Another Song Addition!

EmpathP will be featuring a song by Mitchie M !

How to Donate

Fans who wish to donate can visit the Kickstarter here. The Kickstarter closes on Thursday, July 28, 2016, at 7:15 PM EDT.

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