Voctro Labs Announces Voiceful

Voctro Labs has been expanding past VOCALOID for years, and their newest project brings new vocal synthesis technology to your fingertips! Voiceful is an APA program featuring both pre-made voices that are much like voice banks, as well as the ability to turn your own voice into a “voice bank!” You can even bring back voices from the dead thanks to this new piece of synthesizer technology.

What can you do with Voiceful?

Say it with a Song

Via a mobile app or on the official website, people can enter lyrics and have either a male or female voice sing them! At the moment, only one melody is available in the demo. However, it’s safe to guess that more will be available as time goes on.

To try the demo, click here.

Make a celebrity sing

Voiceful can take a voice recording of any person, dead or alive, and build a new voice model for content. You can even turn a speaking voice into a singing one! Voctro’s example uses audio from Obama’s speeches to make him sing.

While this feature appears to be only on commission, it’s sure to bring some interesting things in the future! These voices that can talk and sing can be incredibly useful in advertisements and the like.

Transform your voice

People have been playing with their voices in audio programs for ages. From the demo and preview video, this seems to be a quick way to do some simple voice edits, as well as some pretty impressive and fancier edits. Their male to female voice example sounds absolutely amazing and would allow people to create duets with only one voice.

You can try the technology out for yourself on the demo page here.

Pretend you can sing

Ever needed to use Autotune but just couldn’t get the hang of it? Voiceful offers a quick auto tuning option that does all the work for you! You can automatically adjust tuning, timing, and voice quality to make you sound like a professional singer.

You can check out the demo for this function here.

How does it work?

For all information on how the program works, please check out the website here. Voctro provides specifics on each part of Voiceful and how it works. Below is a summary of the main points.

Voiceful is a toolkit built to design digital and mobile experiences with speech and singing voices. Their API allows you to develop ideas and integrate them easily into your app, website, game, social network, or products. You can use a Cloud API directly or integrate Voiceful natively in your mobile device, desktop, or server application.

It combines pre-defined features with a series of elements that can be configured for each project including language, background music, or specific technology adaptations. Voctro Labs can also build ideas from scratch if they happen to like them. So feel free to contact them if you’d like to use Voiceful for a project!

In addition, users can expand Voiceful to have it store and distribute creations made with it for an extra fee.

More Information

Official Website


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