Vsinger Announces Mini Figure Design Contest!

Vsinger has announced on their Weibo a mini figure design contest. This will be a collaboration between HobbyMax and Vsinger. The characters accepted in this contest will be Mo Qingxian, Zhiyu Moke, Luo Tianyi, YanHe, Yuezheng Ling, Yuezheng Longya and Stardust.


Xin Hua and Zhanyin Lorra are not included in the contest. This is due to Xin Hua not being a Vsinger product and NetEase owning the copyrights to Zhanyin Lorra’s character design.

The mini figures will be roughly 5 cm, which means they are more akin to a nendoroid petite. They will be sold in packages of 8 which will include all 6 of Vsinger’s characters, Stardust and a bonus figure. The estimated cost of the package will be roughly 300 RMB or roughly $47 USD (price subject to change).


Estimated Timeline for the Products:

  • November 16th-December 5th: Design contest.
  • December 5th-December 31st: Announcement of the winning designs/artists and the reveal of the company’s artist for the final design.
  • May 2016: Final design preview and preorders will open.
  • September 2016: Release date.

Contest Details:

  • Contest opens November 16th and closes December 5th.
  • Artwork must be sent via email to [email protected]
  • Email must include: Name, phone number, QQ, Weibo address and Weibo ID.
  • You must post your artwork on Weibo with the hashtag #V家动态# and tag @vsinger.
  • You may enter with one design or all 7 designs (excluding bonus character).
  • You may create your own design; official design is not required.

Other Contest Information:

  • Vsinger will communicate with the artist once the final design is chosen.
  • The chosen designs will be redrawn by the company’s own artist for the final mini figure design.
  • All contestants will be posted on Vsinger’s Weibo and fans may vote on their favorite design. (Highest votes does not guarantee that the design will win.)
  • Input from modelers and artists will be considered when choosing the final designs.
  • Non-official designs are encouraged.
  • Artists are free to provide their own design details from another perspective.
  • No information on the bonus figure has been revealed and there are no plans to do so at this current time.

They have also mentioned that they will release more information on the upcoming Luo Tianyi figure by 萌斋堂.



Note: Vsinger has made a second post announcing some new details about the contest. These updates have been incorporated in the article at the time of this writing.




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