Weekly Music Recomendations [2] 12/6/19

Nice to meet you, I’m Ragyuo!
Welcome to the Weekly Music Recommendations! I’m glad to be able to give you guys more music recommendations, there’s so many I want to give but I have to limit myself to 5. So first off,

5. I Can’t Die Yet – 16

164 is known for songs such as “A Born Coward”, “Hated Person Song” and Reverberation. I’m not a big fan of him myself but others loves his songs, including A Born Coward which is his most famous song.  Sometimes, he makes the most emotional songs I’ve ever heard when it comes to Vocaloid, which is this song and Hated Person Song. I love these songs a lot because of the chorus.

4. Searching For Your Love – Kikuo

I absolutely love Kikuo!! I have so many songs I should recommend because to me he is absolutely extraordinary!! This was his last uploaded song and I want people to listen to more of his music! Kikuo is known for “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, O light” and “Love me love me love me”.  His music varies but keeps the same theme, which I love about his music! I had to keep myself together just to not add more songs of his because this is a variety blog not just 1 producer!

 3. Yamitsuki / Addiction – MARETU

I love maretu as his music is always like a really cool 8 bit songs. This song surprised everyone because his usual style of PVs is black and white, while this one is colorful. But then again, this song belongs to the rhythm game Kotonoha Project 2nd.
Maretu is known for White Happy, Mind brand, Suji, Coin locker baby, and his latest song SIU. I suggest you check him out as well!

 2. Mislead, mislead – Omoi

I love a lot of Omoi songs! “Mislead, Mislead” is one of my favorites though. Omoi tends to make a lot of catchy songs as well! Omoi is mostly known for his song Teo which you’ve probably heard already. I wish this song could be on Project Diva Mega Mix istead of Teo but that’s ok!

 1. Aimaina / Vague – PinocchioP

I honestly love PinocchioP! PinocchioP is one of my favorite producers and he just makes this happy beat songs, that to me is unique in itself. Like, you can definitely differentiate his songs like you can with Kikuo.  This song though, is a personal favorite of mines from him. It’s extremely old but personally, I love it.
PinocchioP is known for World Common Domination, Slow motion, motivation is dead, I’m glad you’re evil too, Nina, and many more which I can’t list them all. A lot of his songs have over a million views so lots of people have seen his music by now. Aimaina  isn’t so known but should be known.
That’s it for this! Thank you so much for reading this list and I hope you support these producers!!

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