Xia Yu Yao’s 2nd Anniversary Special Flash Drive revealed!

Voicemith decided to impress us again by unveiling a special USB flash drive for Xia Yu Yao’s 2nd anniversary! It will include both the full and instrumental versions of the song “The Dark Angel”, along with eight wallpapers, a video featuring blessing messages from クエン酸P, 迷樣, and 喵四郎, and a lyric card. Bonus goods include a cardholder, bookmark, and a 2nd anniversary themed Xia Yu Yao character card.

Only 200 units are available and they hinted that this will be the first prize of the blessing messages contest we talked about in our previous article.

They started selling the flash drive on November 15th at 6:30 PM CST via PChome, which you can find here.

Voicemith hasn’t stated yet whether the flash drive will be available internationally or not but we’ll be sure to update fans as soon as details about it are available.

Special thanks to VNN Chinese for translating information and making this article possible!

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