Xia Yu Yao 2nd Anniversary Celebrations!

It seems like it was just yesterday that Xia Yu Yao was being released by Voicemith for the singing synthesizer UTAU and, now that two years have passed since her release, they’re celebrating this event with their fans once again by organizing a little contest!

They announced the surprise on November 1st, showing us a stunning teaser of what seemed to be a PV made for a song featuring her, but without really telling us what it was going to be and giving us just a date as a hint: 11/11. This date marks Xia Yu Yao’s release and, as everyone surely could’ve guessed, they published a short version of a new original song composed by クエン酸, the well known producer of the popular Xia Yu Yao song “Tipsy Dessert,” titled “The Dark Angel.”

You can check out the video below:

This video, published on Voicemith’s official YouTube channel, features a PV illustrated by nyaroro and highlights how amazing Xia Yu Yao can sound, as well as some amazing vocal manipulation! Xia Yu Yao’s voicebank has definitely improved over these past two years, and we all wish for her to keep singing for us!


Speaking of “wishing together for her to sing for us,” Voicemith also announced a contest on their Facebook page to celebrate her birthday with the community!


Posted by Voicemith on Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fans must write a blessing message as a comment on the published contest post before November 15th. The message must not be longer than 20 words and you can only enter a message once. Voicemith will select ten entries for the next phase of the competition. These ten selected people will receive a prize and then be put against each other for fans to vote for their favorite one. The voting begins November 5th and the top three will be revealed later on.

Creativity will be the key for this challenge, so be sure to show your creative side and love for Xia Yu Yao!

Other Information

Be sure to check Voicemith’s official accounts, and keep an eye on VNN for updates and further information!

Special thanks to VNN Chinese for translating information and making this article possible!

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