Xin Hua Song Contest for SOGO Mall Collaboration!

Xin Hua will be on the stage of SOGO mall for the Thanksgiving Festival!
A song contest is being held by Facio for their collaboration between Xin Hua and SOGO mall, starting from February 23rd until March 10th, 11:59 PM (UTC +08:00). The winning music will become SOGO’s theme song and the promotion video will be displayed on SOGO mall’s fountain for half a month.

Water fountain in SOGO mall.

The theme of the contest will be “heart-warming” and “giving thanks”, expressing the feelings brought by SOGO mall. The lyrics require mentioning “廣三SOGO百货公司” (SOGO mall) and “水幕喷泉广场” (water fountain plaza). Contestants need to draw their illustration based on Xin Hua’s “心与花的魔术师” (Magician of Heart and Flower) design.

How to Register
  1. Upload the song to Youtube, Niconico, or any other video website.
  2. Go to Xin Hua’s official website and fill in the personal details on the registration form .
  3. Paste the video url link in the form.

Grand Prize: NT$10,000 SOGO Mall Shopping Voucher (1 winner)
2nd Place Prizes: NT$1,000 SOGO Mall Shopping Voucher, VOCALOID 4 Editor, and Xin Hua’s Voice Bank (2 winners)
3rd Place Prizes: VOCALOID 4 Editor and Xin Hua’s Voice Bank (3 winners)
4th Place Prizes: Xin Hua’s Voice Bank (4 winners)
5th Place Prizes: Xin Hua Goodies Bag (5 winners)

Submission Rules
  • Must be an original song that uses VOCALOID 3 Library XinHua.
  • The song must have never been involved in any other contest or campaign, and the contestant owns the right of use of the song.
  • There are no restrictions on the duration and file size, but 2 ½ to 4 minutes is recommended.
  • The song can be a solo or duet (but Xin Hua’s voice bank must be the main vocal in the song).
  • Names of the creators must be shown at the end of the promotion video, including the lyricist, song writer, composer, illustrator, video maker, etc. (Name or nickname.)
  • Song content should not violate moral standards in forms of language or images.
  • Entries must be original songs. Plagiarism and impostors are strictly forbidden. The song should not be published on any media. Contestants will be disqualified if found violating the rules.
  • If there are multiple creators in a song, please choose one member as a contact person.
  • Published songs are accepted under the conditions of:
    • The uploader is the creator of the song.
    • The song has not been involved in any other song contests before.
    • The song is owned by the creator. ※ The song will be disqualified if the creator authorizes the right of use to any other organizations.
  • Grading Distribution:
    • Music, lyrics, and theme: 60%
    • Illustration and PV: 30%
    • Views after upload: 10%

The results will be announced on the official webpage, with the results of the first round expected to release around the end of March.

Authors own the moral rights and property rights of their songs, but Facio and Gsharp Corporation own the right of use of the songs for commercialized purpose anytime, anywhere. The author cannot revoke the authorization, and Facio will not provide extra remuneration, royalties, or any other fees.

Contestants can revise their work without limitations. However, if the copyright of the song is affected by the re-recording or mixing, the contestant will be disqualified due to violation of the regulations.

For more information, please visit Xin Hua’s official website.

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