V Flower Album “Once in a Lifetime” Released

A new album featuring both v flower and v4 flower is now up for purchase both physically and digitally. The v flower album titled “一期一会” or “Ichigoichie” (“Once in a Lifetime”) features songs from various producers. In addition, downloads and physical purchases both come with special bonuses.

The Album

The album has 12 songs on it from various producers using quite a few different vocal ranges for the VOCALOID.

  1. vividest by ANDRIVEBOiz
  2. 生きてるおばけは生きている by UtsuP
  3. Nirvana by devilishP
  4. frost by けーだっしゅ
  5. CRY AWAY by ライブP
  6. ヒトサマアレルギー by かいりきベア
  7. ハナレバナシ by とあ
  8. magic city by koyori (電ポルP)
  9. 車窓の彼女へ by はるふり
  10. 虹色サイダー by テヅカ
  11. No Logic by ジミーサムP × cillia
  12. 東京サマーセッション by HoneyWorks

Where to Order and Bonuses

Pictures from the digital album that come with the iTunes download.

If you buy the album digitally on iTunes, you will receive a digital booklet. You cannot buy songs separately. The digital download of the album costs $12.99 USD.

U.S. fans can also purchase a physical version on CD Japan for $18.72 USD and will get the “First Press” bonus so long as they purchase the First Press version of the album. (The only one available at the moment. Later releases will not be “First Press” versions.) This version comes with a sleeve case packaging.

Fans who live in Japan can order or pick up the album at various shops and receive other bonuses depending on where they go.

The sleeve case for the album
The sleeve case for the album.



Animate purchases will receive a B2 sized poster of v flower’s “Boy” design, more commonly known as her v4 appearance.

Bunkyodo Animega customers at some (not all) stores will receive a postcard with the v4 flower design on it.

Purchases at some TSUTAYA stores come with a clear, A4 sized file.

Toranoana customers receive a different flower postcard.

And purchasing directly from the album’s product page results in a postcard featuring the album’s illustration.

Please note that only CD Japan and iTunes are open to international orders.

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