Yuezheng Longya’s First Demo “In Your Breath” Released!

After five years of waiting, the Chinese VOCALOID fandom finally gets to hear their first male VOCALOID tonight!

A few days ago, Vsinger has announced that Yuezheng Longya‘s first official demo will be released on NetEase Music on February 14th. As the fans got excited for Valentine’s, Vsinger announced some great news: “Longya’s first demo will be uploaded on February 14th at 00:00 (midnight),” giving the fandom a huge surprise with an early announcement through Weibo. The illustration on the poster reveals his new V4 design.

“In Your Breath”

Music: 人形兎
Lyrics: 和田野 /人形兎
VOCALOID Tuning: 动点P
Mix: 战场原妖精
Guitar: 绛舞乱丸

The song uses both the “Chun” and “Ya” voice banks, although mainly “Chun.”

Vsinger also announced that this song will be featured in the upcoming Vsinger live concert on June 17th. Fans can listen to this wonderful song through NetEase Music, but for those who live outside of China, you may need to use a VPN service. After asking, it was confirmed that “In Your Breath” will be uploaded on Bilibili and YouTube later.

NetEase Music: http://t.cn/RJKBDr1
Bilibili: TBU
Youtube: TBU

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