Yumemi Nemu and Tone Rion V4 are Now Available!

It’s February 16th in Japan and you know what that means: the release of the new VOCALOIDs Yumemi Nemu and Tone Rion V4!

About the VOCALOIDs

While we knew some information about the two and previously reported it, there’s new information as well!

Nemu AND Rion are both voiced by the Dempagumi.inc singer Yumemi Nemu. And while there was one sample available of VOCALOID Nemu’s voice before, we now have a few more samples featuring both Nemu and Rion.

Rion is described as having a more nasally and childlike voice, while Nemu is supposed to sound slightly more grown-up.

It’s been confirmed that there are 138 extra voice recordings for Nemu, featuring special shouts and chants that “all Nemqn fans know and love!”

As mentioned before, the two voice banks can cross synthesize between each other as well, creating lots of opportunities!

The two are available as physical copies from the DEAR STAGE online store (Japanese only), but are also available for digital download on the English VOCALOID Store.

They’re available for ¥8,000 JPY each or ¥15,000 JPY together.

Tone Rion V4 Download
Yumemi Nemu Download
Nemurion Set Download

While Nemu’s digital download is open to everyone, it doesn’t include the extra VOCALOID lesson that the physical version has.

About the Voice Provider

In addition to providing information on the VOCALOIDs, the official VOCALOID Shop also gives us some info on the human behind them.

Nemu Yumemi (DEMPAGUMI.inc)

  • 170 cm
  • Born in Mie on July 14th
  • Type B

Catchphrase: “Dreaming of being an eternal magical girl!”

A super idol in the new era who connects Akihabara and the world! She has been expanding the scope of her activities such as directing pictures, writing columns, etc. as a pop icon, connecting cultures regardless of genre.

Nickname: Nemukyun
Theme Color: Mint Green
Otaku Genre: Otaku Research


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She's a huge VOCALOID fan, a figure collector, and an all around nerd. Hoshi's been in the VOCALOID fandom since 2008 and has been a hardcore VOCALOID fan since 2013.

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