Zyon Android Pre-registration and Release Date

The mobile VOCALOID rhythm game Zyon will launch on Android devices April 29th. They have opened pre-registrations and are offering rewards based on how many fans join the pre-registration. The rewards will be based on the amount of pre-registrations, and you can find that event below. All you need to do is click “interested” or “going” and you will be pre-registered for the Android version of the game and receive the rewards.


0-2,000 People Going: 100 Coins.
2,000-5,000 People Going: Kronos (by Sakuzyo) redeem code for FREE.
5,000-8,000 People Going: Millennium recipe song redeem code for FREE.
8,000-10,000 People Going: Primum Mobile (NEW SONG) redeem code for FREE.
10,000-20,000 People Going: Special Luo Tianyi Character redeem code for FREE.
More than 20,000 People Going: Menu Theme for FREE.

For more rewards follow them on twitter and retweet the event on Twitter here.

If you do not have an Android Device, you can find the iOS version on the iOS store.
More information on the game can be found here.


For all future updates, head on over to their Facebook page.


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