1/8 Scaled Stardust Swimsuit Ver. Figure Announced!

Fans following the HobbyMax Twitter likely saw them hard at work this weekend painting a figure during Comicup. And, of course, this figure was none other than Stardust! They announced that they would paint the figure live during Comicup in Shanghai and they didn’t disappoint! We now have pictures of the finished 1/8 scaled Stardust Swimsuit ver. figure!

About the Figure

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The 1/8 scaled figure is based on an illustration by TOMATO for bonuses in the newest Stardust album. While it isn’t the main art for the album, it definitely took on a life of its own by becoming the inspiration for Stardust’s second figure!

Unpainted Prototype

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The unpainted prototype was revealed before Comicup with a special announcement. Despite her unpainted appearance at that moment, she’d be fully painted by the end of that weekend! Not only did this give fans a chance to see what goes into making a prototype, but also how long it takes. HobbyMax was working until the last minute to finish Stardust before Comicup was over!

Painting the Prototype

If you’d like to see all of the pictures of the live painting, be sure to check out HobbyMax’s Twitter! Here are some of the highlights from Twitter.

“We’re doing our best!”

“Her face is complete!”

“Almost there!”

“Enter the final touches! Just 30 minutes left!”

In addition, HobbyMax uploaded a lot more pictures on Weibo. While we can’t feature them all, here are some highlights from the Weibo posts.

The Finished Figure

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First and foremost, please remember that this is a prototype and not photographed in the best of lighting. Colors may vary slightly and the best way to judge a figure is by its official product photos when those are released. Until then, this is to give you an idea of what the figure looks like.

Nonetheless, she’s extremely adorable! The details on the figure are very well done and this is definitely going to be a must-have for Stardust fans.

More Information

For more information, be sure to stay tuned to VNN. You can also follow HobbyMax’s Twitter for more updates!

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