New Stardust Album “Butterfly Traveler” Now Available

The third official Stardust album titled Butterfly Traveler (蝴蝶旅客) is now available for order. Unlike the last one, the wait in between albums was much shorter. This is good news for any Stardust fan out there!

The illustrations for this album were done by TOMATO.


  1. 一日都市
  2. 超远距连接
  3. 蝴蝶旅客
  4. 自由论
  6. 妈妈说
  7. Twinkle Star
  8. 魔女日志
  9. 苍白梦书
  10. 你好哈雷

You can listen to the crossfade below.



Album: ¥50 RMB ($7.25 USD)

  • Butterfly Traveler (蝴蝶旅客) CD
  • 16-page Booklet
  • 90g Transparent Album Case

Artbook (40-page): ¥40RMB ($5.80 USD)

Package Tier: ¥80 RMB ($11.60 USD)

  • Album Tier
  • Art Book

Luxury Package: ¥100 RMB ($14.50 USD)

  • Package Tier
  • Postcard x5
  • PVC Bookmark
  • A4 PP Folder
  • Tinplate Badge


You can purchase the album on Quadimension‘s Taobao here. Shipment on the album began on April 30th.


Quadimension’s Official Website

Quadimension’s Official Weibo

Quadimension’s Official Twitter

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