AHS Store Has New Akari and Tohoku Kiritan T-Shirts Available For Pre-Order!

AHS Store has started accepting pre-orders for some new upcoming Akari and Tohoku Kiritan t-shirts featuring marvelous graphics!

AHS Store’s Amazing New Shirts Are Available to Pre-Order!

From the official AHS Store website we’ve found out that the pre-orders are available in full force yet there’s a deadline until February 27, 2020 at 16:00 PM. Do not wait any longer and get your t-shirts before they run out of stock!

The t-shirts are priced from 6,500 ¥ to 7,500 ¥ and are available in all sizes!


You can pre-order the t-shirts directly from the official AHS Store located here.

Also, pre-orders for Yukari Yuzuki, the second official compilation album for the Akari II, featuring 11 Vocaloids P from VOCALOMAKETS are now available to pre-order as well!

As we’ve previously told you, the deadline to pre-order these beautiful t-shirts is until February 27th at 16:00 PM Japan Time so make sure to get yours before they run out, do not miss this opportunity!


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