“Aria On the Radio” Submissions Open!

On January 27th, for the celebration of IA and ONE, 1st Place held a live stream where “IA Talk” was announced to be released soon, and with that, a free trial was made available.

In celebration of the release of “IA Talk,” 1st Place will be holding four video broadcasts. The first is set to air on February 17th at 8 PM (JST). The three others will be announced shortly, so stay tuned for more information! They are asking for fans to send in their submissions and messages, which will be broadcasted on YouTube as well as NND.


■ Title of the Program: ARIA ON THE RADIO
■ Home Page: http://1stplace.co.jp/works/specialized/iatalk/#radio
■ How to Send a Message:
Go to the page above and choose one of the following corners you wish for your message to be read in:
【ふつおた FUTATSUOTA】Opinions and questions about the program and MC ^^
【ARIA TALK】Ask IA & ONE to say something you want to hear!
【僕/私のARIA BOKU/WATASHI NO ARIA】Let’s have IA & ONE hear your message or video created with IA TALK and ONE. IA & ONE will tell you what they think about your work!
※ You can send videos but please use a data transfer service.

The free trial for “IA Talk” is available until February 28th. You can download it here (CeVIO required).

Time to begin sending in your submissions!

IA World Page

1st Place Official Website

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