Bilibili Macro Link 2019 Review!

Let’s recap the amazing, wild event that was the BML 2019 live event!

This year’s headliners were some of the best and brightest, with several virtual divas joining the titular 22 and 33 mascots on stage!

The event was dominated by special appearances featuring the Crypton VOCALOIDs, the entire VSinger cast, and plenty of familiar Virtual Idol faces. Kizuna AI, Fubuki Shirakami and Hime and Hina are just a few!

Check out our previous article detailing the full guest list, here!

With that being said, let’s begin the review!

VSinger’s Performance

VSinger’s official banner for BML (source)

Tianyi started up the Chinese performance with the opening of CONNECT, and it only gets better from there!

The first Chinese VOCALOID got to perform her big birthday song, Starlight, wearing her new outfit!

YANHE joined Tianyi for a duet right after, singing Dalabengba. Following their performance was the entire VSinger cast in song, with everyone playing their respective instruments.

Other impressive songs in the VSinger block included Qingxian and Longya’s duet, Unconventional Love Story, and YANHE’s duet with Ling of moonpika’s Telepathy.

The duo that seemed to steal everyone’s hearts, however, was the duet between Moke and Tianyi. The youngest cast members sang Hear me! together.

Last but not least was VSinger’s Attack! by Rosary. The group got to perform wearing their sailor costumes for this year’s Link, delighting the crowd and making it another highlight for the night.

Virtual YouTubers, Idols and More!

The first idol group to perform was ReVDOL, a group of girls who not only perform and sing all over Bilibili, but also have their own China-exclusive anime! Their performance was more than welcomed at the start of the virtual idol set.

ReVDOL dominates the stage!

22 and 33 came back to the stage following the ReVDOL girls, getting a chance to show off their own idol costumes and a chance to perform a couple of songs for the viewers, as well.

Bilibili’s adorable girls 22 and 33!

Next, Kizuna AI made an appearance! Considering she’s the star who really started the phenomenon of virtal vloggers, it makes sense that she would join the show as well!

Not only did AI join the Link, she also got to perform in Chinese, and an alternative to her regular costume where she sang in Japanese.

While she only had two songs to perform, she was happy to address the crowd and thanked them for their support. Ever humble and sweet, Kizuna AI’s part was a highlight of the night!

Next up, another Japanese idol entered; Fubuki Shirakami! The adorable wolf girl joined the show and talked to the audience in Chinese for a brief moment before her set, which featured two dances.

Shirakami sang Secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono, before disappearing for the night and ushering in the last troupe of Japanese idols; Hime and Hina!

Filled with pep and smiles all around, Hime and Hina pumped up the crowd with a lively cover of 1, 2, Fanclub!

A surprise guest performed followed up; anyone familiar with the mobile game Azur Lane will instantly recognized the young Saratoga!

The pink-haired icon gave a short speech and thanked the fans for coming. She was the second to last performer, before ushering in the newest addition to the BML lineup!

Yousa, a Chinese virtual idol, finished out this segment of the Link with a slow and sweet song.

The tone was a nice break from all the high energy pop and EDM, which also acted as a calm intermission before the final part of the show!

Several virtual darlings from Japan and China graced the stage, but it was clear from the start that everyone was looking forward to the return of VSinger, and the sudden appearance of Hatsune Miku and crew!

Crypton’s Performance

Crypton’s official visual for BML (source)

The BML VR 2019 event marks the first time Crypton VOCALOIDs have performed for Bilibili. Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, MEIKO and KAITO all made appearances at the event!

Several of Miku’s biggest hits were performed, including Hand in Hand, World is Mine, and Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru.

Burenai AI De at BML (source)

Thankfully, Crypton was kind enough to bring others in besides Miku. Kagamine Rin and Len teamed up to perform Remote Control and Bring It On!

Interestingly enough, the performance also featured Megurine Luka’s single, Dreamin’ Chuchu, which was a special surprise!

Miku and Rin join Luka on stage for Dreamin’ Chuchu
World is Mine at BML (source)

Another pleasant twist was the return of the full cast’s performance of DECORATOR, which saw all six Crypton singers on stage for their big finale!

DECORATOR at BML (source)

While it was nice to see them altogether, it has been noted neither MEIKO nor KAITO have any singing parts. Ah, well; there’s always next year!


Easily one of the best parts of the Macro Link 2019 was the encore!

First off, Luo Tianyi jumped back into the fray with a surprise performance of Romeo and Cinderella. Donning a school uniform and a blue guitar, Tianyi rocked the song with her Japanese voicebank!

Second, Hatsune Miku returned to the stage with her Chinese voicebank and a cover of PoKeR’s Sì Miǎo zhī Juàn. There, Miku played a keyboard as she sang the song, enchanting the viewers.

Sì Miǎo zhī Juàn (source)

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better than Tianyi’s Japanese and Miku’s Chinese, the two actually appeared together on stage!

This iconic moment marks the first time two VOCALOIDs from different companies appearing on stage and singing together.

Two of VOCALOID’s biggest stars unite! (source)

They sang kz’s Yǔ Nǐ Tóngxíng ~B WITH U~, ending the song with a grand light show that marked the end of the encore.


Finally, the Bilibili Macro Link ended with a very special thank-you and farewell from four of our favorite girls. Tianyi, 22, 33 and Miku thank the fans for coming to the event.

To close out the evening, they performed one last song together. They sang Zàilái Yībēi, which is a song written specifically for Bilibili’s big show!

The final performance! (source)

At the very end, the entire stadium received a well-deserved thank you, finishing up a magical evening of virtual idol mania on a thankful note.

All in all, the Macro Link 2019 experience was one for the ages! Unexpected duets and team-ups allowed for a one-of-a-kind show, which can only happen with Bilibili’s help.

We hope you enjoyed the entire show, and that you’re looking forward to next year’s performance just as much as we are!


Hatsune Miku is on Facebook (English and Japanese), Twitter (English and Japanese), Youtube and Weibo
VSinger also is on FacebookWeibo and Youtube
Kizuna AI can be found on Youtube, as well as her website

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  1. Overall I think the show had more ups than downs, but I definitely skipped around a lot when watching it. The MikuxTianyi parts were great. Hearing Tianyi sing in Japanese really shows off how cute her voice is (since I can understand Japanese and Chinese just sounds like a collection of harsh sounds to me).

    However, “This iconic moment marks the first time two VOCALOIDs from different companies appearing on stage and singing together” is technically incorrect. That’d be the nico chokaigi shows (pretty much the nicodou equivalent for this show). It’s still really cool though!

  2. I’d say that it’s more correct in this case because these aree official models and not MMD, fan made performances. I’m sure Choukaigi has licences and permission etc etc, but they’re not inherently official.
    Nor are the y with two mainline girls from two of the biggest audiences for vocaloid globally

  3. The text of the article I was responding to didn’t say anything about ‘official’ or anything else. I was responding to what was written. As written, it’s incorrect. Also, not sure what exactly makes the chokaigi concerts ‘unofficial’ to begin with besides use of MMD. It seems as official as this one.

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