Boxstar Reveals the Synthesizer Engine “DeepVocal”!

The Chinese developer Boxstar announced a brand new synthesis software tonight, say hello to “DeepVocal”!

A Brand New Beginning!

So much time has passed since the last time we talked about Sharpkey, the synthesis engine developed by Boxstar and released a few years ago. After so much time, however, he decided to start over his project with a brand new engine named “DeepVocal”, and he gave s a small peak of it via Weibo tonight!

Judging from what is shown through the video, DeepVocal features a renewed GUI, much more similar to the VOCALOID editor’s one, and shows off a tool that allows voice library’s editing.
We can clearly see the tool being a much more easier setting method compared to UTAU’s well known oto.ini one, as we can have a glimpse on recording’s frequencies at ease when editing each sample’s settings.

Even though the editor’s GUI is shown in its Chinese language, we can assume from the voice library editing tool that it also supports English.

Boxstar also announced that a closed beta will start globally next month, The application method is very easy:

  1. Follow his Twitter account for news and updates
  2. Send him an e-mail to [email protected], attaching a one minute long introduction video of your virtual singer and your future plans about it.

Application are open to everyone, no matter the country or the language, and he will get back to you in a month or so.


So, what do you think? Will you join the hype rain and submit your application for DeepVocal’s closed beta? If so, hope you enjoy testing it out!

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