ani-t is Now Accepting jam BAND x Yuzuki Yukari T-Shirt Designs!

The online T-shirt design and production service, ani-t, has announced another new collaboration project! Their first one made it possible for users to create T-shirts featuring both GUMI and Yuzuki Yukari on their site, and this second one now makes jam BAND with Yukari a reality!

Like before, after registering with ani-t, you can choose from their stock images for desired characters and logos, and/or create and use your own to design a T-shirt with. Once your design has been uploaded, the public can then view and “LIKE” it, and once your design gets 50 “LIKES,” ani-t will produce 30 T-shirts bearing your winning design to put up for sale, giving you 10% of the profit made! Below are a couple of the shirt designs that have been uploaded already:

I tried my hand at designing a T-shirt under ani-t’s jam BAND and Yukari collab category. I did my best to make it something that even people who don’t know the characters would find cute. I hope you approve!

Today, we’d like to introduce blueberry’s “Hand-drawn jam BAND x Yuzuki Yukari” design. Yukari sure gets along well with the jam BAND members, which makes for a great T-shirt collab design! Show your support for its creation by giving it a “LIKE!”

If these shirts got your creative juices flowing, then don’t be shy about giving it a try for yourself on ani-t’s design page! Some other categories of interest to VOCALOID fans include:

GUMI & Yukari
Kamui Gackpo
jam BAND

The first seven of what are sure to be many new masterpieces in the jam BAND x Yuzuki Yukari category!

ani-t’s Official Site
ani-t’s Official Twitter

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