ChiYu Joins MEDIUM⁵’s Pendants Series from Quadimension!

Quadimension surely doesn’t fail at offering some awesome merchandise featuring their characters, and their latest revealed character ChiYu surely had to be part of them, this is why she is now being added to their merchandise series as well: starting from MEDIUM⁵’s pendants!

Little Little MEDIUM⁵ Pendants!

The fact that Quadimension promotes their characters shouldn’t be big news for any fan that follows them closely, but ChiYu had no appearance in them so far, at least until now!

Yes, you are reading it right ChiYu fans! Their pendants series will soon feature her as well!

Those two sets (Chibi version in the left, Dragon Boat Festival version in the right) will cost 70 RMB each, while a single pendant will only cost 18 RMB.

Click here to buy the Chibi set of pendants, or here for the Dragon Boat Festival ones (as of now ChiYu isn’t included yet)!


Cannot wait for them to include our favorite fire maiden, and you guys?

Stay tuned with us on VNN for more updates!

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